Ribbon, Citrus Chiffon


Endless versatility is just a step away with our Sseko ribbon sandals! Each ribbon can be used with any of our Sseko Ribbon Sandal and Wedge Bases (sold separately). Weave them through the loops on the base in many different ways to create a variety of unique looks. These ribbons feature a summer-inspired citrus print we can't get enough of.

  • Materials: Polyester (Design Varies)
  • Measurements: 64"L, 0.5"W
  • Product Code: FW064SD
  • With Love from Uganda

The washing process is tough on clothes. Agitating, tumbling, and coming in contact with other garments can leave garments faded, stretched, pilling, and damaged. Unless your piece is visibly dirty, you likely do not need to wash it after each wearing. Try to extend washing to every other wear, or even three wears, before you toss your washer-safe garments in the laundry. If you do wash, please hand or machine wash cold. Delicate cycle. Use mild detergent. Hang dry. Iron low.

How It's Made

Our Ugandan Artisan Partners create pieces out of several materials including oiled leather, cactus leather, paper beads, and ethically sourced horn. Their work is where art and precision meet-a careful cut here, a touch more blue there-to create consistently beautiful bags and accessories. Bead-makers hand mix each dye color and check every bead for quality. As the oiled leather pieces take shape and absorb other oils, they darken to become more beautiful and storied over time.

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